Silicone Infant Plate with Fork

Silicone Infant Plate with Fork

• Food grade Silicone Plate and Fork set •

Our very popular silicone infant bowls now have a matching plate! 
These are such a great product from a young age when you start introducing solids through to toddlers learning to feed themselves. The soft, flexible design is great for handling and the suction tab on the bottom allows you to put the bowl down in front of your child and not have it tipped all over the floor or moved around the table as they are trying to eat! 
The handy little lip supports your child’s learning and development while trying to scoop their food onto a spoon or fork and encourages us to let them give it a go themselves, because less mess is everyone’s dream at meal time, right?! 

The best part about these is it’s microwave safe, dishwasher safe and can be boiled/sterilised at high temperatures making for an easy and practical children’s product

Flexible and soft design, the perfect children’s mealtime product!!


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