Rattan Play Dome Package

Rattan Play Dome Package


Made and tested to meet the Australian Toy Standards AS/NZS 8124.

The Arabella + Autumn Rattan Play Dome is a unique and original design created to provide an educational and stimulating play space for your baby. It is an amazing piece that will certainly be a talking point in your home!

The A + A Rattan Play Dome was born out of a pure love of rattan products. Growing up surrounded by them, sleeping in a rattan bassinet as a baby, the same bassinet then being used by our four children and further being passed amongst friends for their children. We wanted to create an heirloom piece that you could use for your children and then your grandchildren! Our Rattan Play Dome is just that!

The Rattan Play Dome Package comes with four toys from our safety certified range of play gym toys. You can select one beaded silicone toy, one beaded beechwood toy and two macrame toys. Note: If you wish to order a different combination please select the required toys from each category for your order to process, make a note in the comments box of your selection and send us an email or message to confirm.

It also includes an amazing Rattan Mirror! We all know that babies just love looking at mirrors. They are attracted to them as they are shiny and bright, and although they can’t recognize themselves in a mirror until around 18 months old, using a mirror during play time with your baby from a young age helps to improve their ability to focus and helps to develop their social skills.

Our Rattan Mirror secures safely to the frame using two Bibs Loops which are included in complimentary colors. It can be attached to the top of the frame whilst baby is on their back and has the ability to move to the leg of the frame for tummy time. This is perfect for encouraging babies strengthen their neck and back muscles whilst enjoying their time on their tummies!

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