Miniland 32cm Baby Dolls

Miniland 32cm Baby Dolls

32cm Miniland Doll
This version of Miniland doll is not boxed and is UNDRESSED

Miniland Educational doll sets are a significant educational resource that can help understand the concepts of household, people groups, the fundamental principles of connections and coexistence, respect for racial and sexual diversity.

The dolls have well-defined ethnic qualities to help the identification of their many representative races.

The dolls may be articulated. Produced in Phytalates-free vinyl, they're flexible and soft to the touch.

Suitable for 18 weeks +

The simple fact that the dolls have a sex makes it possible for kids to produce a significant distinction between these, strengthening comprehension of differential facts. They don't include batteries make any noise, hence the dolls do exactly what the kid need them to.

This distinguishes them from different dolls which matter the child to a particular play pattern. The variation in accessible versions means there is obviously a specific version for a particular need.


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